Chilled Prosecco Zabaglione

Chilled Prosecco Zabaglione

Apr 30, 2024

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Recipe by Antony Campbell and Enoteca Sileno Melbourne Australia

3 whole eggs

55g sugar

150ml Prosecco

½ sheet silver leaf gelatin


Biscotti or Chocolate to serve, and enjoy along side a sweet liquor. ]



Soak gelatin in a little water until softened. When soft discard the water.

Combine the eggs, sugar and gelatin in a mixing bowl.

Place a pot of water on the heat and place the bowl with the eggs in it on top.

Whisk the eggs whilst slowly adding in the prosecco.

Continue to whisk the mixture until it can hold its own weight. Do this by removing the whisk and allowing the mixture on the whisk to fall onto the surface of the mixture in the bowl. If it holds on the top for a couple of seconds it is ready, if not continue whisking.

Transfer the zabaglione in the bowl onto another bowl with ice, continue to whisk until the mixture has cold.

Spoon over sorbets and fresh fruit and enjoy, or add some biscotti or grated chocolate to make it fancy. 

It is great with a wine like Braida Brachetto dÁcqui, a Nardello Recioti Soave Suavissimus or a Dogliotti La Caudrina Moscato, or for a liquor the Sard Orange, Vermouth di Sardenga Rosso or even the Bonajuto Chilli Chocolate!  




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