Virgona - Malvasia delle Lipari 2021 500ml


2021 Malvasia delle Lipari DOC 500ml


Malvasia delle Lipari is one of the finest wines of the Sicilian islands. Grape bunches are partly withered on the vine, then after harvest they are spread out on cane racks called cannizzi to dry in the sun for about 15 days.

The flavour of the wine is concentrated and continues to develop over time. Older vintages are prized for their depth and complexity, but maintain a wonderful freshness.

The primary aromas are apricot, anise and honey. The palate is rich, sweet, and complex with nuances of orange blossom honey and dried apricots.


  • 95% Malviasia, 5% Corinto
  • Match with creamy cheeses, pastries, or enjoy on its own