Vincenzi - Bicerin di Gianduiotto Chocolate Liqueur 700ml


700ml chocolate hazelnut liqueur from Turin


The recipe for this delicious chocolate liqueur originated in the early 1800s when coffee and cocoa were too expensive to import from overseas. Being a region rich in Piedmont hazelnuts, it was decided to mix the chocolate with the hazelnuts from Piedmont to decrease costs and from this came the chocolate mixture gianduiotto, then stemmed the liqueur Bicerin gianduiotto. The recipe has not changed since.

Bicerin is dialect in Piedmont, Lombardy and Veneto for a ‘small glass’. It fact, it was customary to serve the Bicerin in a small glass with the handle of iron in all the bars in the city of Turin. For 200 years Bicerin has been the drink of choice of the Turinese noblemen and peasants alike. It was most famously had at the café Al Bicerin located in Piazza della Consolata by Count Cavour, the architect of modern Italy, who would come to recharge after the rigours of politics. Since 1763, this bar has served customers a mixture of coffee, chocolate, milk and syrup (known as a “bicerin”) and has thus become a local tradition.

Bicerin is rich, smooth and pleasant. It is thick and rich in hazelnut flavour with velvety chocolate and a lift of alcohol.


  • The perfect dessert drink for after meals
  • Amazing poured over ice cream
  • 15% alcohol