Silvio Carta

Silvio Carta - Pigskin SILVER Gin 700ml


700ml Sardinian craft gin from Zeddiani, Sardinia


Wild juniper berries are hand-gathered from plants that grow 5-6 metres from the Sardinian coastline (on the beach) and are used fresh (not dried) in the distillation process. The berries are then transported to the distillery in special cane baskets to ensure they do not get damaged.

Juniper berries, myrtle, thyme, wild fennel, Desoleana sage and mastic are added to the infusion which is warmed slowly and kept temperature-controlled throughout the distillation process.

Serve this gin straight over ice, as you would whisky, or as a base for sophisticated cocktails.


  • Unique in the world of craft gin
  • Named for the wild boars that roam the coastline where the botanicals are gathered for the gin
  • 40% alcohol