Silvio Carta

Silvio Carta - Mirto Ricetta Storica 100ml


100ml traditional Sardinian liqueur from Zeddiani, Sardinia


Mirto is the traditional liqueur of the island of Sardinia. It is crafted from the hydro-alcoholic maceration of leaves and berries—or just the berries—of the myrtle plant, which are dark, herbaceous, and have a medicinal quality. Traditionally, after maceration, sugar or honey is added to the extracted liquor in order to sweeten it.

Hand-gathered myrtle berries grown metres from the oceanside are used for this infusion. Carta’s recipe uses 1.2kg of Sardinian myrtle berries per litre of distillate. Normally, commercial brands use only 300-400g of berries per litre.

The taste is akin to putting a handful of ripe berries in your mouth. Ripe fruit dominates on the palate, with a smooth and refined balance between sweet and sour berry flavours, then finishes with dry Mediterranean herbs and a slightly tannic texture.


  • A beautiful dark purple colour enhances mixed drinks
  • Perfect for an after-dinner drink
  • 30% alcohol
  • A true taste of Sardinia