Silvio Carta

Silvio Carta - Giniu 51.7 Limited Edition 700ml



Each litre of distillate for Giniu 51.7 is infused with 2kg of hand-harvested Sardinian wild mountain juniper berries found growing in the snow at over 1200 metres above sea level. The infusion of fresh juniper berries takes place for three months, followed by two meticulous 12 hour distillations, ensuring the finest perfume and smoothest taste is obtained. Very few bottles of this exist in the world. A true rarity, and one of the finest pure juniper gins in existence today. Presented in a heavy chrome embossed bottle, enclosed in a black lacquer wood gift box with red felt lining.

Wild juniper berries are hand-gathered from plants that grow high in the Sardinian mountains, and are used fresh (not dried) in the distillation process. The berries are then transported to the distillery in special cane baskets to ensure they do not get damaged.

The fresh juniper berries are macerated for three months and no other botanicals are added.

An intense and aromatic gin with the unmistakable scent and flavour of pure juniper. Smooth, elegant and dry.ย A gin of this quality should be used in its purest expression, such as in a martini.


  • 100% fresh Sardinian juniper berry infusion
  • Presented in an elegant black lacquer wood box with red felt lining
  • 51.7% alcohol