Silvio Carta

Silvio Carta - Amaro Cartamaro 700ml

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Silvio Carta loves to showcase special ingredients from their amazing island. Cartamaro features a unique and geographically protected (PDO) artichoke called Spinoso Sardo, which adds a bitter and floral dimension. The botanical infusion is rounded out with mirto leaves, rosemary, and artemisia. This is a fragrant and complex digestive liqueur perfect for after dinner contemplation, or for using as a mix for a lively spritz.

Silvio Carta is a leader in quality craft distillation. Their amazing range of products showcase the abundant fragrant flowering wild plants that grow in the countryside in Sardinia (the "maquis").


  • Artichoke-based Amaro
  • Infused with a mix of high-quality Sardinian botanicals
  • 34% alcohol