Silvio Carta

Silvio Carta - Amaro Bomba Caffe Tustatu 700ml


700ml Coffee-Infused Amaro (bitter digestive liqueur) -- "If you are tired of a bitter taste in your mouth, there is only one remedy...drink AMARO BOMBA CARTA!"


Master distiller Elio Carta has done it again, inviting us to experience the sensorial delights of his beloved Sardinia via a well-crafted spirit. Amaro Bomba Caffe is infused with Elio's careful selection of native Sardinian botanicals cultivated in his father's garden (hypericum (St John's Wort), Santolina, Thyme, and Mugwort (Artemisia)), also some foraged in the coastal maquis where encounters with wild boars are not uncommon.

But, the most special and star ingredient of Amaro Bomba Carta is the unique and rare Sardinian Corbezzolo honey, a nectar that is especially difficult to obtain and is revered for its potent healing properties, as well as its exotic aroma and flavour. Then, taking the bitter digestive drink to the next level, the Amaro has a long infusion with 100% Arabica Sardinian-roasted coffee beans from Honduras, El Salvador, Brazil and Colombia.

Intense amber color with ruby nuances, the nose entices you with decisive notes of roasted coffee and mocha, surrounded by a Mediterranean world that speaks of mountain pine, eucalyptus resin, algae and balsamic nuances, with a mentholated echo. Bitter notes of rich brewed coffee highlighted with myrtle, clove and juniper, with a toasty persistence that is reminiscent of the classic Bomba Carta Amaro. Elegant from start to finish.

Each bottle is carefully wrapped and labelled by hand. Serve after dinner or in an espresso martini.


  • Perfect for an after-dinner drink
  • 26% alcohol
  • A true taste of Sardinia