Rallo - Marsala Soleras Riserva 20 Years 500ml


Marsala DOC Vergine Riserva 500ml


The Soleras method is a series of wood barrels stacked together where wine flows through various levels of casks as it ages. Also referred to as perpetuum, the winemaker draws wine from the bottom cask for bottling, then refills the bottom cask from the cask above, and finally adds the newly fermented vintage to the top cask. The casks are oxygenated so the wine develops depth and increased longevity.
Rallo’s Marsala Soleras Vergine Riserva is made from Grillo grown as bush vines at their Piane Liquide estate, adjacent to the salt pan lagoons where Sicilian sea salt is harvested. The oak barrel Soleras system where it ages for a minimum of 20 years; meaning, the youngest wine contained in the bottle is 20 years old. It is likely that a bottle of Rallo Soleras Marsala contains wine that is far older.


  • 100% Grillo
  • A fine, dry aperitif or dessert wine with complex, honeyed apricot and almond flavours