Masseria Borgo dei Trulli

Poggio dei Principi - Sangiovese 2022 750ml


2022 Sangiovese Rubicone IGT 750ml


Made from Sangiovese cultivated in the area of Rubicone in Emilia Romagna. The soils in this region are a mixture of alluvial and glacial deposits (sand, pebbles and minerals), imparting a freshness of fruit not found in Sangiovese grown in other parts of Italy.

Small yields and dedicated winemaking by this fantastic cooperative combine to produce a wine that is fresh, versatile and enjoyable.

The perfume is fresh and fruity, with a floral and slightly herbal bouquet. Taste is fresh and juicy with cherry jam characteristics, soft structure, pleasant and easy drinking.

Ideal to serve with first courses, light pasta dishes, curries and Middle Eastern cuisine.

A young, fresh, easy-drinking, light fruit-driven red wine to enjoy with a wide variety of foods.


  • 100% Sangiovese
  • Best served with simple Mediterranean dishes as well as curries, Middle Eastern flavours.
  • A fruit red wine with pleasant acidity and light tannins.
  • Can be served slightly chilled in summer