Picollo Ernesto

Picollo Ernesto - Gavi di Gavi 'Rovereto' 2022 750ml


2022 Gavi DOCG 750ml


Gavi is a classification of wine made from the Cortese grape variety. It produces aromatic wines with bright acidity which match incredibly well with seafood. Gavi's location is quite proximate to the sea, although it's separated by the Ligurian Alps.

Picollo's 'Rovereto' vineyard is harvested about 2 weeks later than his other vineyards to concentrate the sugars and flavours in the grapes. The Gavi di Gavi classification dictates that the grapes must be from strictly clay-based soil vineyards.

Gianlorenzo Picollo oversees the small estate with his wife Silvia, and together they manage the winery with Gianlorenzo's parents. Fifteen hectares of Cortese vineyards with vines up to 80 years old are cultivated by traditional methods, and without the use of chemicals.


  • 100% Cortese
  • Hand-harvested