Nardello - Garganega/Sauvignon 'Undici' 2021 750ml


2021 Veneto IGT 750ml


Located at the extreme southern border of the Soave Classico zone, the vineyards of the Nardello family have soil that is dark in colour, and is rich in clay and basalt rocks. This gives the wine a full-bodied richness and great depth in terms of mineral content. Vines are about 30-35 years old.

Oenologist Daniele Nardello uses a light hand in the winery, preferring to allow the unique soils, wild yeasts and evolution of his vines to do the talking.


  • 70% Garganega, 30% Sauvignon
  • Minimal amount of SO2 added at bottling (maximum 30g/L)