Labbate mazziotta

Labbate mazziotta - Mostaccioli Reali 110g


Typical desserts covered in chocolate and enriched with apple quince jelly, Mostaccioli, delicacies from Alto Molise, are one of the specialties of our confectionery. Reali mostaccioli are characterized by the careful selection of raw materials and the preparation technique that strictly respects tradition with regard to times and finishes. The main ingredients of the Mostaccioli Reali produced by our confectionery are: quince jelly, black cherry stracciata, almond paste, candied orange, brittle and very fine chocolate.
The mostaccioli are covered with a chocolate icing, while inside they are characterized by a soft paste with the flavor of honey and candied fruit.
The term "Royal" refers to the nobility of the artisanal experience of those who with patience and conscience have been able to establish over time the values ​​of the genuine traditions of Molise.

"Baked dessert made with quinces, black cherries and candied fruit, covered in dark chocolate (20%)