La Genuina

La Genuina - Fusilli al Nero di Seppia (Squid Ink) 500g


La Genuina retain the ancient hand-made spiralled shape for their fusilli pasta. They have also infused the hard durum semolina with squid and cuttlefish ink. The resulting pasta has a subtle seafood flavour and an intriguing black colour which is best enhanced with simple sauces using fresh shellfish and molluscs.


La Genuina produce a range of authentic and traditional Pugliese pasta shapes: orechiette, cavatelli, fricelli and fusilli. They produce in small batches of just 10kg of dough at a time to ensure the quality of each batch. The best quality wheat is selected from a variety of sources around the world, including Puglia, Canada, United States and Australia. 

Many of the process including some of the more unusual shapes are still made by hand. The pasta is slow dried at a low temperatures resulting in a firm texture that shows exceptional resilience during cooking. 


  • Authentic artisan pasta
  • Small batch production
  • Premium quality high-protein semolina 
  • Slow dried at low temperature