I Prodotti Del Casale

I Prodotti Del Casale - Bergamot Juice - Organic 750ml

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This juice is made from the first pressing of bergamot fruit from organic orchards at the southern tip of Calabria and has nothing more added than water and just 5% organic sugar. It is a refreshing and therapeutic juice that can be enjoyed straight from the bottle or as a mixer or cooking ingredient.


The bergamot is round, slightly larger than an orange and not as yellow as a lemon. The thin skin has a delicate fragrance while the interior is similar to a grapefruit and extremely pungent. It has been prized primarily for the essential oil in the skin. 90% of all the bergamot oil produced globally comes from Calabria, specifically, the Province of Reggio Calabria in the southernmost part of the region, which is renown for producing the best bergamot in the world.

Fresh Bergamot juice can be enjoyed as a breakfast juice, in place of Campari or Aperol in spritzes and other cocktails, and for preparing delicious, fragrant jelly.


  • From certified organic orchards 
  • No artificial colour, flavouring or preservatives
  • Only 5% added organic sugar
  • May assist with maintaining healthy cholesterol