Contini - Vernaccia/Vermentino 'Karmis' 2023


2023 Bianco Tharros IGT 750ml


Vermentino is by far Sardinia’s most widely planted grape variety. It is light-skinned and its wines are characterised by a refreshing acidity and highly aromatic profile which includes Mediterranean herbs, lime and stone fruit. Vermentino is also known as Pigato in the region of Liguria, and Favorita in Piemonte.

Vernaccia is also a traditional grape variety of Sardinia which is typically produced as an oxidative, sherry-like wine called Vernaccia di Oristano. In this form, the Vernaccia lends herbaceous characteristics, with a touch of bitter almond.

The name Karmis means "vine" and from ancient times this appellation was used to identify one of the most select wine producing areas of the Tirso river Valley, an area between Cabras and Baratili.


  • 70-80% Vernaccia, 20-30% Vermentino
  • Goes well with grilled fish and salad with fresh vegetables
  • If you like Marsanne, this might be up your alley