Calogiuri - Vincotto Ficonero Black Fig 250ml


The original vincotto is sweet in flavour and luscious in texture. Ficonero is even thicker than the original after being infused with black figs. The velvety texture persists through the palate and the rich, sweet, cooked fig aroma fills the room with its heady aroma.


Vincotto is un-fermented and undergoes no acetification. Therefore, vincotto is NOT a vinegar. It is made from 100% grape must using two species of black grapes, Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera, which are left to wither on the vine for 30 days beyond ripening, a practice known as ‘passito’. This over-ripening process vastly decreases the acid present in the grapes and the naturally occurring sugars become more prominent.

The grapes are pressed, and the must is then reduced to one-fifth of its original volume over a low flame for at least 20 hours. The must is transferred to oak casks. This exposes the must to the very old “mother” vincotto, which imparts its own characteristics to the younger must. The must is aged in these oak casks for a total of four years, allowing the taste to develop consistently. The use of oak is particularly traditional in Lizanello. In fact, the word Lizanello is derived from the Italian word for oak.

Ficonero is thick, rich and perfectly suited to both savoury and sweet applications. Use with cheese, meat, gelato or pastry.


  • The original vincotto from Puglia 
  • Sugar free and contains no alcohol, acidity, colouring or preservatives.
  • No sprays or chemicals are used on the grape vines.
  • highly nutritious, therapeutic and rich in polyphenols