Bepi Tosolini

Bepi Tosolini Most Diamond Edition 40% 3 x 700ml


This limited edition set of Bepi Tosolini MOST acquavite is presented in diamond-cut classic bottles which allow light transparency for a bold, artistic look on display. This set comes with three bottles:

Most Barrique Ciliegio 40°: Acquavite matured in cherry barriques. Clear colour, straw yellow with orange reflections. Complex with notes of preserved cherries, ripe berries and morello cherries. Almond aftertaste.

Most Moscato Rosa 40°: White and transparent. Very elegant taste with a floral flavour with a clear prevalence of rose petals. Very delicate.

Most Fragolino 40°: White and crystalline. Intense and very pleasant scent of strawberry grapes and ripe wild plum. Fruity, intense and at the same time delicate and persistent taste.