Benza - Taggiasche Ligurian Olives in Brine 200g


The delicious and flavoursome Taggiasche olives of Liguria preserved in brine


Liguria has been renowned for the production of Taggiasche olives for more than 600 years. Benedictine monks from the town of Taggia developed the species many centuries ago. They are an excellent cultivar for olive oils, and an exquisite table olive. 

These olives have low acidity and a light and fruity flavour.

Taggiasche olives are normally harvested just before they mature from green to black.  They are selected by hand, and then cured for more than a month in water that is changed daily to remove any bitterness.  The olives are preserved in delicate brine, with a little rosemary. 


  • Premium quality whole taggiasche olives
  • Low acidity and a light and fruity flavour
  • No chemicals or preservatives added
  • Hand sorted, washed and preserved
  • No artificial additives