Baladin Beer - XYAUYU RISERVA ORO 2018 14% 500ML


500ml Barley Wine aged


Xyauyù 2018 is clear, it has an intense brown color, with no head and no carbonation. 

Its scents present warm and alcoholic notes with full, enveloping aromas of caramel, dried fig preserved in alcohol and an intriguing touch of umami. 

The taste is surprisingly fresh. Hints of soft nougat with almonds, fruit preserved in alcohol and, finally, a marked woody note with a slightly bitter finish.


  • 14.0% alcohol
  • All of Baladin’s beers are non-filtered, refermented in the bottle and non-pasteurized
  • Baladin uses six strains of native yeasts (Lievita Madre) in their production.