Hofstatter - Steinbock Alcohol Free Sparkling Riesling

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Selected Riesling grapes from the Mosel region of Germany are used for this Alcohol-Free sparkling wine. Through a gentle vacuum process, alcohol is extracted from Riesling wine. Using a state-of-the-art technique, the air pressure is reduced in a cauldron allowing alcohol to evaporate at only 25-30 °C. The low thermal stress ensures that the character, taste and fine aromas of the original wine are preserved and the remaining alcohol content is less than 0.25 % vol.


Alcohol free wines are becoming more and more popular. Techniques to de-alcoholise quality base wine are ever more technologically advanced, making the end result taste almost like the real thing. All the fun, without the hangover.


  • Contains 0% Alcohol
  • Made from Riesling grapes