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Moretti Tipo '00' Flour 1kg

**BEST BEFORE 30/10/21**A very fine, silky smooth grade of flour which contains 8% gluten. Moretti’s tipo ‘00’ flour has a brilliant white hue. This is partly a result of the manner in which it is aged. Moretti’s flour is aged slowly and naturally. No bleach or ageing agents are used.

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 Moretti employ classical production methods to mill their flour. The flour is stone milled, however, the stones do not heat during the milling process, so there is no damage to the texture or flavour of the flour.
This soft wheat flour is an exceptionally versatile product. Unlike many other soft wheat flours, Moretti’s farina di grano tenero makes excellent fresh pasta and pizza, as well as perfect pastries and cakes.

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  • Premium grade soft wheat flour
  • No artificial bleaching or anti-caking agents
  • Ideal for pizza, pasta and patisserie
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