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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lemon Infused 250ml

**BEST BEFORE 15/05/21**Caroli Lemon Infused oil uses the peel from fresh Pugliese lemons for its infusion. It is an all purpose extra virgin olive oil that can be used for baking and frying, as an ingredient in pastes and sauces, or as dressing and finishing dishes.

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Caroli Lemon Infused Olive Oil is a blend of olives: Ogliarola, Nociara, Martina Franca olive, Coratina and other types in smaller quantities.

Caroli Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a leafy green colour with golden reflections. It is beautifully balanced and round, with fruity and lemon flavours. It has a mild piccante finish on the back palate, which is typical of mixed cultivar oils.

Caroli olives are never machine picked. In order to protect the fruit, they are either hand-picked or picked with nets and branch-shakers. The olives are harvested when they just become ripe. They are cold-pressed and the oil is lightly centrifuged to separate the fruit juice (water) from the oil. Caroli oils are high in vitamins and rich in polyphenols (antioxidants).

Caroli is consistently praised as an excellent example of blended olive oils and was even awarded a “Judge’s Choice Award” in a blind taste test conducted by The Age’s Epicure.

Serving Suggestions: The versatility of Caroli means that it can enrich an otherwise bland dish, or give balance to more complex meals. It is ideal for dressing rich, imaginative salads of raw or cooked vegetables, or highly refined dishes.

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  • Cold-pressed blended EVOO
  • 0.5 - 0.7% oleic acid
  • Balanced mild, grassy-fruity and lemon flavour

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