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Italian sulla honey is a mono-floral honey made from the nectar and pollen of Hedysarum coronarium flowers. This flowering plant is grown in Abruzzo, Molise and other parts of Southern Italy for use as animal feed and for honey production. Italy is currently the largest producer of the variety and sulla honey holds some of the highest certifications for clean honey production in Italy.

Eating Italian sulla honey is said to be good for treating a sore throat, cough, colds, some flu symptoms and relieving stomach aches. The honey has antibacterial, antioxidant, soothing and tonic properties.

It is a fantastic sweetener, in tea or for homemade jams and other cooking. It is delicate and sweet and very light in colour. It is harvested from late Spring and throughout the Summer.

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  • Honey made from nectar foraged in certified organic environments
  • Sustainable apiary practice
  • Raw, unpasteurised, unfiltered
  • No artificial colours, flavours or additives
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