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Ideal for making bread. Use flour on its own to make southern Italian style pane di grano duro, or blend with "00" flour for a softer textured bread. Semola Rimacinata makes a tastier bread, with a thicker crust. The bread will stay fresh for longer. 

It is also particularly indicated in the preparation of focaccia, pizza and hand-made pasta. Ideal for use with pasta machines, but also suitable for manual kneading.

Note than when using rimacinata flour, the dough will absorb the water faster, making the kneading easier.

Using Semola Rimacinata as coating will give a more flavorsome and crispy batter.

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  • Premium grade durum (hard) wheat flour
  • No artificial bleaching or anti-caking agents
  • Ideal for bread, pizza and pasta.
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