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Peperoni Cruschi - Fried Dried Peppers 30g

Fried dried peppers snack. Peperoni Senise IGP -- A specialty of the Basilicata region: Sweet, mild peppers are strung on wreaths, dried in the sun, then fried in extra virgin olive oil and seasoned with sea salt

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This rare specialty food is indigenous to Basilicata (Lucania), made with hand-harvested peppers of the Senise IGP variety. A labour-intensive harvesting process over rugged terrain takes place in the hot summer months, when peppers ripen and develop their bright red colour. The peppers are then hand-strung on vertical wreaths and left to dry in the hot sun for about one month.

When the peppers are thoroughly dried and slightly shriveled, they are fried in the local extra virgin olive oil and packaged with a light dusting of sea salt, producing a delicious crunchy, uniquely flavoured snack.

Serving Suggestions: These moreish crunchy peppers are perfect for an aperitivo snack with a glass of Prosecco, or can be crushed and used as a garnish in pasta dishes, sprinkled over steak or even scrambled eggs.


  • Unique crunchy natural food snack
  • Hand picked, sorted prepared and packaged
  • Nothing artificial -- only peppers, olive oil and salt

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