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Moretti Durum Wheat Semola 500g

Moretti Durum Wheat Semola 500g

$ 5.40

This is durum wheat semola used for pasta making. It is also ideal for preparing pizza and semola gnocchi. - 500g

Ferron Rice Flour 1kg

Ferron Rice Flour 1kg

$ 8.30

This fine ground flour is made from the Vialone Nano variety of rice grown near Verona. It has a fine texture with an almost sweet flavour. Use rice flour alone or blended with other flour such as

Moretti Tipo '00' Flour 1kg

Moretti Tipo '00' Flour 1kg

$ 3.20
$ 5.20

**BEST BEFORE 30/10/21**A very fine, silky smooth grade of flour which contains 8% gluten. Moretti’s tipo ‘00’ flour has a brilliant white hue. This is partly a result of the manner in which it is

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