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Anyone who grew up in (or next door to) a Southern Italian family, especially a Calabrese one, will have enjoyed crushed marinated olives.  Traditionally this was a handy way to preserve olives throughout the year.
Recipes varied from village to village and family to family, but nearly always used, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, hot chili, vinegar or lemon juice and herbs such as oregano, and wild fennel.

These olives are prepared and marinated by hand, so unlike machine processed olives they do not suffer bruising. The olive flesh remains plump and fresh and full of flavour.
Nocellara del Belice olives are known for their meatiness and are the ideal olive to prepare in this way.

Once opened the olives should be preserved in a glass jar and topped with extra virgin olive oil.

- antipasto platters and snacking
- pizza and bruschetta topping
- an ideal olive for make meat and poultry alla cacciatore
- process in to a smooth paste for tapenades and olive spreads

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  • Nocellara del Belice olives
  • Hand crushed and marinated 
  • Meaty, juicy olive flesh
  • Nothing artificial



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