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Rustichella Gluten-Free Gnocchi 500g

Rustichella Gluten-Free Gnocchi 500g

$ 9.75
$ 11.50

Perfectly fluffy potato gnocchi made with rice flour. Serve with a tomato or cheese based sauce or with just a little butter or extra virgin olive oil.

Datterini Tomatoes with Basil 500g

Datterini Tomatoes with Basil 500g

$ 11.30

Made with 100% Italian-grown tomatoes in Abruzzo, without the use of concentrates or extracts. These exquisite juicy Datterini tomatoes have a sweet flavour and are accented by a hint of fresh basil.


Il Mulino Sardo Gnocchetti Mini 500g

Il Mulino Sardo Gnocchetti Mini 500g

$ 10.20

This unassuming small pasta will surprise you with how tasty and well-made it is. Produced in small batches, this Gnochetti Sardi is made with high quality durum wheat flour sourced from Puglia and

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