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Benza Primuruggiu Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml

Primuruggiu Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the most rare and precious oil produced by the Benza family. When the Taggiasche olives are ground, the pulp is placed into layers with mesh placed between the layers so the oil may pass through when the pulp is pressed. However, before the pulp is pressed, an amount of oil that is "free-flowing" is exuded by the pulp that is collected and bottled. This precious oil is called Primuriuggu, which is a dialect word to describe the flowing action. From 100kg of olives, not more than 9 Litres of olive oil is obtained for Primuruggiu.


This extra virgin olive oil is collected within 12-24 hours of olive harvest, in a modern continuous-cycle mill, which preserves the high polyphenol content, valuable flavour compounds, and other nutritive components of the oil. The olives are picked while they are still green, making the harvest difficult and low yielding. However, this method ensures that the oil is rich, spicy, but also brings out the Taggiasche olive's natural sweetness on the finish.

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