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Ceramic Bowls - 19cm Marine

Diameter 19cm, Depth 5.5cm.
A unique, hand-painted piece of authentic Caltagirone ceramic artwork by the renowned artisan, Giacomo Alessi.

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Each piece is unique, hand-made and hand-painted using the colours of Sicily: sage green for the land, yellow for the sun, blue for the Mediterranean and red for the volcanic fires of Mount Etna. 

The patterns and decorations reflect the influence of the Roman, Arab, Spanish and Norman cultures who have all occupied Sicily over the centuries. Alessi authentically reproduces these ancient designs in every detail including the distinctive mottling caused by early firing methods. 

Giacomo Alessi was born in 1955 in Caltagirone which is about a 40 minute drive south of Catania. In Italy it’s known as “The city of ceramics”, and the name itself – Caltagirone – derives from an Arabic word meaning the Castle or Fortress of the vases, as it has been a centre for pottery production since the 2nd century BC. 

These ceramics make beautiful, decorative tableware, objet d’art and wall hangings. Ceramic bowls and platters can also be used for serving food, however, they are not recommended for storing food over extended periods, as some glazes contain lead. Not suitable for cooking or microwaving. 

Wash by hand with warm soapy water. Not dishwasher safe.

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