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Tedeschi Grappa di Amarone Monte Olmi

700ml Grappa di Amarone Monte Olmi, single-cru

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Tedeschi specializes in making wines of longevity. Amarone is one of the most labour-intensive fine wines in the world, and winemaker Riccardo Tedeschi and his family set a benchmark example in Valpolicella.
The traditional grapes of Valpolicella are dried in special drying rooms for about four months, where the grapes lose about 30% of their weight before they are gently pressed, and the Amarone wine ages for three years before bottling.
This fine grappa is made from the marc from the Amarone, and aged for 18 months in large oak barrels. The grappa has a warm intense caramel nose that is accentuated by the maturation in oak. The palate is smooth and intense with notes of caramel and vanilla. Essences of dried grapes linger on the lengthy finish. This grappa matches exceptionally well with dark chocolate or almond biscuits. Serve at room temperature.
Amarone is a very unique wine made with grapes that are especially suited to the drying and ageing process, making it one of the most long-lived wines in the world.
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  • 45% alc
  • A smooth, intense and uniquely flavoured grappa
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