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Amara Blood Orange Liqueur

500ml Tarocco Blood Orange Liqueur from Mt Etna

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Mount Etna


Near the slopes of Mount Etna are acres of blood orange trees, part of an ancient farming tradition in Sicily, and where a combination of soil types and microclimates lead to some of the best blood oranges on earth. The fruit itself has a prized balance of sweetness and acidity, and the peels are known for having red speckles or a slight blush when ripe.
For Amara, the orange peels are carefully removed and blended with special bitter herbs and sugar in a recipe that is fiercely guarded by founders Edoardo and Giuseppe.
The resulting liqueur is a taste revelation of sweet citrus and mildly bitter herbs. It is the perfect digestive to have over ice, no garnish necessary.
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  • Perfect to add to a Spritz
  • Artisan, small-batch production
  • 30% alcohol

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