Venturino - Salsa di Noci - Walnut Sauce 180g


**BEST BEFORE 30/3/23** Together with Pesto alla Genovese, Salsa di Noci is one of the great classics of Ligurian cuisine. The recipe basically uses only 3 ingredients, 50% walnuts, 35% extra virgin olive oil and Grana Padano. The most classic and typical combination of the Ligurian tradition is to serve it with pansoti (small triangles of filled fresh pasta) but it is not uncommon to spread the walnut sauce on a nice slice of toast, or use it with a pasta shape like Trofie.


This is a rich and creamy sauce with versatile applications and is made purely from walnuts, cheese and extra virgin olive oil. 

Serving Suggestions:  Add to dressing for salads and cooked vegetables. To make a deliciously simple pasta sauce, combine walnut sauce with