Triveri Frutti Del Sole Whole Peeled Tomatoes 70% Pulp 2.5kg


100% Italian fresh tomatoes. A hybrid between Roma and San Marzano biotypes. Premium first quality whole peeled tomatoes in 70% their own juice (polpa).

Triveri whole tomatoes are well known for their firm flesh and rich tomato flavour due to the exceptional selection process and the delicious thick juice in the tin. Frutti del Sole tomatoes have zero acidic rectifiers, zero preservatives, zero artificial colourings and no added water.

Triveri tomatoes are picked, selected and canned by hand -- no industrial processing. There is minimal time between picking and canning so there is no fermentation of the fruit. The tomatoes have a higher brix (sold tomato flesh), so there is less wateriness from the fruit in the final product, which equals less cooking time required. The tomatoes are naturally sweet, so no need to add sugar or tomato concentrate to enhance or balance acidity.