Silvio Carta

Silvio Carta - Sterile 85 Sanitizer 50ml


Sterile 85 is an edible alcohol-based disinfectant perfect for everyday needs, with an alcohol concentration of 85%. It is suitable for disinfecting hands, household surfaces, tableware, dishes and glasses; as well as fruits, vegetables, and other foods in general. Silvio Carta, which has always chosen wild plants typical of the region for its distillation production, uses the "solvent" method essential oil extraction technique for Sterile 85. The medicinal plants are soaked in edible organic alcohol for 10 to15 days, which ensures that the most aromatic and delicate compounds are extracted from them.


**Effectiveness of sanitizer as a disinfectant is dependent on use. This product is effective when used as directed, as a general disinfectant. Please refer to this peer-reviewed study on hand sanitizers for use during pandemic conditions:**

Silvio Carta is one of the most influential companies in Sardinia, and has earned a great reputation beyond regional borders thanks to the great quality of their liqueurs and spirits. At the helm is Elio, son of the founder Silvio, a talented oenologist-turned-distiller with a scrupulous respect for Sardinian tradition. The range of Carta's gins and liqueurs showcase Elio's expressive imagination and generous talent as a master distiller. The amplified quality of the products along with attractive packaging design present an alluring modern interpretation of elemental Sardinian recipes.

Elio is meticulous about the quality of the botanicals used in every infusion, which are always used fresh, and less than one hour after being harvested. Elio is also a steward of the land, knowing how to sustainably use wild plants and monitor growing cycles to ensure each flower, leaf or berry is harvested at its best and handled most delicately. The motto that guides all the company's work is contained in the simple expression "harmony of nature", a historical title of many of Carta's advertising campaigns, and which translates into some essential points: respect for ancient traditional recipes in order to preserve the flavours and aromas of a time and place, while preserving precious environmental health.