Produttori Del Barbaresco

Produttori del Barbaresco - Barbaresco Riserva 'Paje' 2009 750ml


2009 Barbaresco DOCG 750ml


Barbaresco DOCG is produced every year from the 100 hectares of vineyards controlled by the Produttori within the appellation, mainly in the Barbaresco village itself.

In the best vintages, the historical crus are vinified separately. This vineyard is a small bowl facing South/West and it lies between the Barbaresco village itself and the famous Asili vineyard. Pajè is slightly lower in altitude and the vineyard is more open to the Tanaro River influence resulting in a cooler microclimate.

The wine combines elegance and complexity with intense tannins and it is never shy in acidity. The latter makes Pajè somehow sharper and brighter in its first years, with lovely youthful fruit and flowery notes, almost minty in cooler vintages.

Pajè is particularly attractive after some ageing, when the wine still retains a fruitful and fresh palate. First vintage produced was 1967 as a small commemorative label for the "Cavalieri del Tartufo" association. Regular production started from the 1982 vintage.


  • 100% Nebbiolo
  • Some of the best-value Piedmont wine available