Mongibello - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml


Monti Iblei DOP extra virgin olive oil has a dark green opaque appearance, is intensely herbaceous, with leafy garden aromas of fresh herbs and raw artichoke. It is full-bodied, robust and slightly spicy on the back palate.


The Tonda Iblea variety of olive pressed for this oil are grown between 350-450 metres above sea level near the Monti Iblei mountain range in southeast Sicily. Tonda Iblea olive oils are considered among the best in the world and are internationally recognized for their robustness and complex flavour profiles.

Mongibello begins the production process with hand-harvesting. The olives either fall naturally, or are prompted to fall by shaking the branch with a long rod (a practice known as ‘bacchiatura’) and collected.  The olives are then cold pressed within 24 hours of harvest which ensures that the oil’s delicate qualities are protected whilst the oil is being extracted. After centrifugation, the oil is naturally decanted to remove the bulk of the sediment. This avoids the need for any filtration and the oil retains its characteristically dark green colour and intense flavour. 

Serving Suggestions: Use Mongibello as garnishing oil on top of bruschette, grilled or baked fish and seafood; drizzle as a finishing oil over risotto, pasta and gnocchi. It is also perfect poured over salads, dark leafy greens and grilled vegetables.


  • 100% Tonda Iblea 
  • Certified organic
  • Cold pressed, naturally decanted, unfiltered
  • Intensely herbaceous flavour