Masseria Mirogallo

Mirogallo - Lampascioni - Wild Onions 220g


Lampascioni are a delicacy of Puglia and Basilicata. Although translated to "wild onions" in English, lampascioni are actually flower bulbs of a wild blue hyacinth. They are aromatic and have a bitter-sweet taste. Lampascioni are a hallmark of authentic regional cuisine and are cooked in a thousand ways, in the oven, on the grill, fried or boiled. Masseria Mirogallo collects them by hand when they have reached the right size, after four or five years of maturation underground, scalds them in acidulated water and jars them with excellent extra virgin olive oil: in this way the lampascioni retain all their flavour and they can be enjoyed all year round. Perfect as an appetizer or side dish for roasted and grilled meats, especially with lamb.


Masseria Mirogallo is a family agriculture company from Matera, Basilicata. They use only natural preservation methods (salt, vinegar, extra virgin olive oil) and high quality heirloom varieties of vegetables. All products are harvested directly from their farm.