Lazzaris - Apricot Jam - Certified Organic 250g


80% fruit: Apricots*, brown sugar*, lemon juice*.
*organic ingredient


Lazzaris's range of organic preserves and jams are made with the highest quality, organically cultivated whole fruits. Italian law mandates strict definitions for the production of jams, preserves and marmalade, and Lazzaris maintains high production standards in accordance with the code of practice.

The code of practice states that jam is a mixture brought to a suitable gelled consistency by cooking water, sugar and fruit; with the fruit being at least 35% of the preparation. Lazzaris jam contains 80% fruit. The law also states also that fruit must be fresh, sound, and not spoiled, and it has to be cleaned and blemish-free before using it in the preparation.

The flavour of freshly picked apricots melts in your mouth from the first taste. It is a velvety jam, with a pleasant and energizing taste and a high content of vitamins B, C and B3.


  • 80% fruit
  • No Pectin
  • Certified Organic
  • Gluten free