Ippolito - Cirò Bianco 'Mare Chiaro' 2019 750ml


2019 Cirò DOC 750ml


Ippolito’s seaside vineyard on the eastern coast of the Calabrian peninsula is about 12 ha planted with Greco Bianco. The area floods regularly in the winter, making the soil extremely sandy. The sand is full of lime, which gives it a stark-white appearance, and the proximity to the sea gives the wines a profound marine influence.

This wine exhibits a lovely textural richness, with a lot of minerality and slight salinity on the finish. Its aroma has notes of tropical fruit, pear, peach and slight floral aromas. It is perfect to match with shellfish, ceviche, or salads and raw veggies.

Greco Bianco is a different variety to Greco DI Bianco, which is found on the western side of the Calabrian peninsula.


  • 100% Greco Bianco
  • Fermented with indigenous yeasts in stainless steel
  • Grown in sandy soil at sea level