Clementi - China Antico Elixir 500ml


500ml artisan digestive liqueur from Fivizzano, Tuscany


The recipe for China (pronounced kee-nuh) was created in 1884 by Dr Giuseppe Clementi, a Tuscan pharmacist. Two precious types of South American bark are used for the infusion: Cinchona Calisaya, or China Calisaya, is a tree of the genus Cinchona, originally distributed in the Andes and known for its alkaline pharmacopoeia contained within in the tree bark. It was also known as Peruvian bark and was used until the beginning of the twentieth century to extract quinine, a substance used in the prevention of malaria. Cinchona Succirubra is native to Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela and the whole Andean area; It has reddish bark, deeply cracked and oval leaves, which with time assume a blood-red colour. The flowers of this tree are also used. Mediterranean bitter orange peel, medicinal herbs, sugar and alcohol, round out the contribution to the final result. The recipe is naturally secret and has been guarded by the Clementi family for over 130 years.

This infusion is a powerful digestive that can be served after a meal at room temperature 15-18°C to allow for full appreciation of the bouquet of herbs. It can also be served neat of over ice as an aperitif. China can be used in place of Campari in negronis, or as a long drink with grapefruit juice or ginger ale.


  • The perfect digestive drink for after meals
  • An original artisan digestivo from Italy
  • 33% alcohol