Bruna Grimaldi

Bruna Grimaldi - Dolcetto d'Alba San Martino 2020 750ml

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2020 Dolcetto d'Alba DOC 750ml


Dolcetto has always been part of the history of Langa and is the everyday-drinking wine: our grandparents always say that “a meal cannot be considered a proper one without a glass of Dolcetto”.

The name takes its origin from the characteristics of the grape variety which is known for its sweet and delicious flavour, not from the characteristics of the wine that is always dry.Dolcetto is purple-colored with pronounced vinous to fruity aromas of red fruits, blueberry, raspberry.

It is dry on the palate and shows a good structure, softness and freshness with a finely tannic and unique finish.


  • 100% Dolcetto