Bellei - Balsamic Vinegar Scudi Oro Gold Collar 500ml


Premium Balsamic Vinegar of Modena “5 Shields” is aged in oak barrels, one of the finest woods for its resistance and flavour. It is characterized by a harmonious sweet-and-sour flavour, whose fruity notes remind of plum, fig and autumn fruit. The sugar content, provided by the cooked grape must, offers a genuine balance to acidity.


To produce its range of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP, Bellei only uses cooked grape must, rather than concentrates, resulting in a product that retains the full aroma and flavour of the grape must. The vinegars are then matured in a series of oak barrels, with each stage concentrating the flavours and consistency. A variety of barrels are used including durmast, chestnut, ash, cherry and mulberry.

The local climate of Modena, characterized by its extreme temperature range and high humidity, is a key factor for the creation of the genuine Aceto Balsamico of Modena.

Serving Suggestions:  Bronze label balsamic vinegar is your everyday-use in salad dressing, marinades and cooking.


  • Ideal everyday balsamic for a wine range of uses.
  • Balanced, aromatic, mildly flavoured
  • No caramel