Baladin Beer - Wayan Ale 330ml


330ml Saison (farmhouse ale)


The complex Wayan, inspired by Saison beers (or farmhouse ale), is made with 5 cereals: barley, spelt, wheat, rye and buckwheat; plus 9 spices and 5 peppers, in a renewed mix. Its aromas are reminiscent of the countryside and sun-soaked citrus orchards, perfectly combined with the notes of orange blossoms, pear and bergamot. It is light to medium bodied with hints of citrus and complex spice, fizzy and refreshing.


  • 5.8% alcohol
  • All of Baladin’s beers are non-filtered, refermented in the bottle and non-pasteurized
  • Baladin uses six strains of native yeasts (Lievita Madre) in their production.