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Marcello Zaccagnini

Marcello Zaccagnini

Azienda Agricola Ciccio Zaccagnini was founded in 1978 under the name Fattoria Zaccagnini in the village of Bolognano. Back then, only one thousand bottles of wine per year was the average production. A growing reputation led to the need for expansion, and in 1984 the winery moved their operations to Contrada Pozzo in the centre of the Zaccagnini estates - annual production is now over 500,000 bottles. 

Marcello, the dynamic director of the operation, has been introduced sustainable ecologically-sensitive practices such as using minimal irrigation, reducing use of SO2 in winemaking and planting forests of oak to offset COs emissions produced by wine fermentation.

The company has also been an early adopter of the Nomacorc Bio-Select bottle closure system. Made from sugar cane by product, the Bio-Select is the world's first carbon neutral substitute for cork and other traditional closure systems. It also allows Zaccagnini wine maker Concenzio Marulli to eliminate the problem of cork taint and control the aging of the wine and oxygen ingress more precisely than has ever been possible before.

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