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In 1930, Ferdinando Vincenzi acquired a series of traditional Piemontese liqueur and remedial recipes. After World War II the business was passed to Ferdinando’s sons, Vittorio and Renato . In 1991, Vittorio’s son, Dario, bought his uncle’s share and the business continued to expand throughout northern Italy and the world.

Three generations have passed, and the Vincenzi family is still producing these marvellous drinks, to international acclaim. Dario’s children, Andrea and Luca, now manage the business. Famously enjoyed at the Al Bicerin café on the Piazza della Consolata in Turin, Bicerin consists of espresso, drinking chocolate and warmed milk, layered in a small glass. Drawing inspiration from this marvellous drink, the Vincenzi family produces a superb chocolate and hazelnut liqueur, which the family has also called Bicerin. The liqueur is considered to be an extraordinary aphrodisiac, arousing passions and lifting spirits.

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