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Orietta Varnelli with John Portelli

Orietta Varnelli with John Portelli

Girolamo Varnelli established the Varnelli family distillery in 1868 as an artisan herbal distillery in the central Italian region of Marche and the company has been managed by the family ever since.

Spirits and liqueurs are pleasing to the palate, the mind, the body and the senses and have acquired great importance in Italian culture. Varnelli has always created excellent herbal liqueurs and bitters with completely natural products and never uses herbal “essences”, like many other brands. 

The Varnelli family sources their natural ingredients from the Sibylline mountains surrounding their distillery. Currently, the Varnelli distillery is based in a modern facility in Muccia. Here, they perfectly combine the traditional methods of artisan herbal production with the most up-to-date and hygienic techniques for storing and bottling their liqueurs.

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