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Monari Federzoni


The town of Modena lies between Reggio Emilia and Bologna, along the Pianura Padana (the Po Valley) the gastronomical heart of Italy. The warm and humid summers and long, cold winters in this region are the ideal conditions for curing of prosciutto in Parma, making cheese in Reggio and, in the case of Modena, the fermentation of the finest balsamic vinegar in the world.

Balsamic vinegar had been produced in the area since the time of Julius Cesare, but it wasn’t until the 1880s that the Italian Government moved to recognize and protected it as an important, regional specialty.

In 1912, Mrs. Elena Monari was the first person to be granted a license to sell Balsamic Vinegar of Modena from her small grocery store in the centre of Modena. Subsequently, the Monari Federzoni family was to play an important role in establishing the consortium which safeguards the standards of all products called ‘Balsamic Vinegar of Modena’ and confirms authenticity with a seal of approval on each product.

To be a Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, it must be produced in the province of Modena from grapes that are typical to the region: Lambrusco, Trebbiano, Ancellotta, Albana, Sangiovese, Fortana, Montuni, and it must be matured and aged in fine wood barrels registered with the consortium. Furthermore, that the consortium has sampled each product and all production facilities and processes meet the consortium’s standards.

In June 2009 the PDO and PGI Committee of the European Union awarded the prestigious Protected Geographical Indication label to Balsamic Vinegar of Modena  which recognizes its rightful place among as one of Italy's most important and emblematic foods.

Today it is Elena’s great granddaughter Sabina Federzoni who runs the Monari Federzoni acetaia, or vinegar factory, from their base in Solara near Modena, where the company grows its own grapes on 75 hectares of vineyards and has thousands of barrels of balsamic vinegar at various stages of maturity.


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