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At the beginning of the twentieth century, Luigi Lazzaris founded the Bakery and Confectionery “Luigi Lazzaris and Son” in Conegliano, Veneto. The firm began to produce mostarda mixing sugar, fresh quinces, candied fruit and mustard oil. This aromatic sweet-spicy sauce was a great success leading Luigi Lazzaris to present his “Venetian mostarda” to the international exhibitions of culinary art. Recognition was achieved very quickly: in 1903 he was honoured with the Gran Prix in London; in the same year, at Udine, he won another gold medal; in 1905 he was conferred a Diploma of honour at the Show in Paris and, once again, in London. The six gold medals decorate the historical company logo of Luigi Lazzaris and Son.

Three generations later, the Lazzaris family continue to produce their mostarda and fruit sauces with the same mastery and devotion of 100 years ago. Their success is based on the preservation of Luigi’s traditional methods of production, combined with the quality of the selected products that come from the company’s own crops of fruit and vegetables.

Legend says that mostarda was discovered by accident in the Middle Ages when a melon fell into a cask of honey. When it was eventually retrieved many months later it was found perfectly preserved and the idea took hold. As the production of mostarda spread across the north of Italy it evolved differently in different regions and towns. In some places honey was replaced by cooking the fruit in must (unfermented grape juice) before the addition of mustard seeds and mustard seed oil, as much for its spicy flavour as for the preserving and medicinal properties.

An easy way to start using mustard fruits is to think about classic combinations. Serve slices of apple mostarda with roast pork, orange mostarda sauce with duck or chicken, or a hot Venetian-style mustard quince pulp with grilled steak or rib eye roast. For a stunning looking and tasting cheese platter, combine Parmigiano Reggiano, aged pecorino and gorgonzola with Cremonese-style a selection of whole mustard fruits.

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